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in san jose. cal fans crowded into the pavilion to watch the bears play in the finals. as you might expect, eating and drinking the fans are doing a lot to stimulate the downtown economy. here is david louie. >> downtown san jose has bean teaming all day with game goers. one of the sports bars was packed at 10:30 in the morning. >> it's nonstop. all day long. all hands on deck. >> the fans were thirsty. beer was flowing continuously. the tabs kept mounting. san jose downtown association is says fans will pump one million dollars maybe more into the local economy. ken from boston ran down the numbers. he has tickets to all four games today. >> thousand dollars to fly down here, $500 for the tickets, two nights in a hotel, another $500, going out, $4,000. >> two brothers saw a golden gate golden opportunity to sell balloons. >> this will a weekend. >> couple hundred dollars? >> maybe around there. >> the scalpers are making a few bucks bu they avoided our camera. the games do no other thing can do, steady flow of people needing to drink and eat at certain times. business owners are ec
by a cal train last night near a pedestrian crossing. he posted the video on yew you tube of him playing the guitar. his principle says he was everybody's friend. the 16-year-old was near but not on a pedestrian crossing when this happened. the medical examiner ruled the death an accident. >>> nicholas pet tris has died. he represented oakland for 37 years. e was a leading voice advocating farm worker rights and environmental protection and smoking bans and low income housing. petris was 90 years old. >>> the next story brings up old adage finders keepers. city workers find thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in the sewer system and then they sold it. >> the city of modesto collects sewage from 641 miles of sewer lines. who would ever dream in all of the miles of sewage you would find anything you would actually want to put your hands on. a dealer who buys jewelry and us the gold that came into the store over multiple month collected by city employees from you know where. >> from the sewer are drops. so they cleaned it all out and some of it was not gold and some of it was. >> a routin
-72 and they will face top seed louisville. >> always an upset. cal bears would love to deliver one of those on thursday. they will face unlv playing in san jose. cal led by a alan crabbe has an n.b.a. skill set and could be the final game with the bears. sometimes he gets a little passive. and anthony bennett, freshman out of canada. cal doesn't have anybody to gashed him. then 25 points against cal and the win over in berkeley back in december. >> think he surprised us a little bit just with how good he was. you know it wasn't blow by, do this or do that. he just shot the ball in. very good shooter for a guy his size. he is the leaked point percentage guy. i would like to not have the ball all the time or have it where he wants it. easier said than done. >> lisa: stanford hosting their game --. >> larry:. he is okay. right now he is okay. 12 points and 13 rebounds and right there. stanford leading, i wish i could do that, 57-52 with three minutes in the opening opening round. >> bleacher seats for the world baseball classic were going over $150 apiece and then they failed to qualify for the semi
teams have been selected to the big dance. ucla, arizona and cal got the nod and st. mary's is the 11th seed in the midwest but play tennessee in dayton, ohio. they get memphis in auburn hills michigan. in san jose, good news, cal stays local but they lost earlier in the season but mike montgomery they are happy to be in the tournament. >> i think they are excited about the match-up. we played them once. we're excited about the location it makes everything so much easier. >> we were surprised we goat stay so close to home. we can get a good fan base and get good crowds throughout and lead us on. >> louisville number one overall seed. kansas is top dog in the south. gonzaga gets top billing in the west. warriors hit the road for three games starting in houston and win put themselves and distance between themselves and the rockets in the west. no room for error. here a rockets' miss and curry two of his 26. led by 8 after one-quarter. and here is 3 of his 29, third quarter, jeremy with the lay-in gets the rockets within 35. that is as close as they would get. check out the flip off of jac
second longest in nba history. the time here unusual situation but not complaining in berkeley. cal 12 seed heading into the tournament but play what amounts to a home game in the first round. thursday afternoon in san jose. ka court going down hp pavilion. 6 games to be played over two days. on thursday and saturda saturday. cal and unlv they met early in the season december 9 a the and cobb with partially block shot but david didn't box out and game winning basket with less than a second ago. like a little pay back when they meet them again on thursday. >> a lot of screaming and got very excited. playing a team that we played before and probably should have beat at home so everybody was excited. got happy to get the opportunity and make the most of it. >> good times for the cal women as well. ncaa women field announce. 2 seed in the region behind no. 1 stanford. bears will play fresno state in texas this thursday. or saturday i should say. tip off
ended by joel throwing it down. minnesota wins big, 83 to 63. tomorrow night cal will look to move on to the sweet 16 first time since 1997. they will have to beat syracuse. they destroyed montana last night 81-34. most lopsided in tournament history for a team seeded third or lower. the bears, they love the respect and recognition that will come with a win overseer cues. >> tomorrow will be a great opportunity to make a name for ourselves and put it o
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7